Travel Insurance Claims

All claims must be reported directly to the insurance company that issued your travel insurance policy. All of our travel insurance partners have phone numbers that you can call to report your claim. Additionally, they all have 24/7 emergency phone numbers that you can call incase of an emergency. Please click on the name of the appropriate company below to find where to report your claim. A new window will appear with the contact information for the plans that company offers on our site. Please select the contact information for the plan that you purchased.

The ultimate test of any insurance policy comes when you file a claim. We have reviewed and very carefully selected the companies and plans that we offer on our site. Sometimes, however, there may be disputes that arises concerning a claim and we might be able to help. We have some of the most experienced and respected travel insurance experts on our staff who can help you by using their experience and expert knowledge to help mediate any disputes or misunderstandings that you might have. This is one of the many reasons why it makes sense to use QuoteWright for your travel insurance needs.

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